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The Venue - Troon Concert Hall

One of the most special and certainly unique points in Troon Concert Hall's favour is its location overlooking the beach and the Firth of Clyde in the west coast town of Troon. When we put on our WinterStorm Rock Festival every year we still hear the question "Why Troon? It's in the middle of nowhere!"

The answer? The seaside location. The spacious venue and it's NOT in the city but still easily accessible. The links below will introduce you to the destination, travel and more but first here's the venue itself.

The Open is clearly the reason for this event taking place but it's location, set up and atmosphere can add to the whole off course experience

Troon Concert Hall

The venue naturally flows from entry to main stage itself is within the main town buildings and comprises of three main spaces within the building all used to the maximum. You can view the services in more detail in the graphic links at the foot of the page.

Troon Concert Hall is situated in the heart of the town centre providing WinterStorm with its main stage venue with a capacity of up to 850, the adjacent Walker Hall which is used as our "Hing Oot Hall" with seating, café, cloakroom and merchandise and access to the South Beach Sessions Stage upstairs.

The Concert Hall and Main Stage

Main Standing Area | Balcony | Main Bar | WinterStorm Pie Stand

Traditional old school venue with 600 standing (300 seated) capacity downstairs and 250 upstairs on a three sided balcony. It just feels like it should with plenty of wattage and great lighting brought in! It just rocks! The stage itself is quite compact but does make it feel all the more personal and accessible for all that.

The Concert Hall bar - which is managed in partnership with The Harbour Bar in Troon - sits alongside the hall ensuring that you can order your drinks, be heard and still see the stage. It works and we pride ourselves on the speed of service and the range of craft beers and spirits and more. There is a free Water Cooler outside the rear of the hall.

There will be a small raised accessibility platform on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday events.

The Hing Oot Ha' (Translation | The Hang Out Hall)

Cafe | Main Bar | Cloakroom | Dining and Seating Area | Merchandise and Band Signing | Deckchair

This room is known locally as The Walker Hall and we never had a name for it. Someone referred to it in a FB post as the Hang Out Hall so we have adopted it in the vernacular for all of our events!

We saw this place from the beginning as a place to escape the noise and light and chill. The room is well lit, quite and gives the chance for guests to catch up with each other and enjoy a seat, some freshly cooked food or browse the band merchandise. It also is invariably frequented by band members coming out and just sharing the vibe.

The South Beach Sunset Sessions Room

Stage | Standing and Seating | Corporate Events

The South Beach Sessions Stage has grown into a great live music space over the years for us and is located up a few stairs from the Hing Oot Ha' above. There is no disabled access to this stage during Out of Bounds unfortunately and it will be full more often than not so please understand there is unfortunately no guarantee of entry at all times.

During the event the South Beach Sunset Sessions Room will host acoustic live music, pre bookable dining and corporate hospitality. 

Main Entrance, External Seating and Link Corridor 

Box Office | Information | First Aid| Toilets | Cloakroom | Seating Areas | Smoking Area

The link corridor between the main stage and the Hing Oot Ha' provides access to the rest of the services and facilities. The main entrance for all admissions for Out of Bounds be utilising the entrance from South Beach (Road).

There is a free Water Cooler outside the Hing oot Hall.

Troon's Open


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Troon's Open

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